Whiskey Barrel Serving Tray
12″ x 21″ x 1″

This serving tray, with its genuine leather Hiawatha-engraved handles and rustic appearance, is reclaimed from a used whiskey barrel. In every house, you have that one piece that will draw attention and get people talking. This is it.

Repurposed and brought new life with some Midwest charm, this food-safe tray will be your new favorite household addition. It can be engraved with your favorite liquor logo, any custom text, or kept original with the barrel markings still left on. Keep it for decoration or use it for your next party. Either way, you’ll love your new Hiawatha Woodworks Addition.

These trays are made to order. Please allow 2 weeks for completion of this item.

Care: These trays are for strict SERVING only, these are not cutting boards. All trays are treated with a food-safe finish. These trays should be just wiped clean, never submerged underwater.

*Disclaimer: These serving trays will have whiskey and bourbon still saturated in the wood itself as these are actually used and charred barrel heads. Over time the enhancing or inviting smell of a freshly poured drink will diminish.