Whiskey Barrel Clock
21″ Diameter
Little Assembly Required, Battery Included

If you seek finely handcrafted artisan furniture and home decor, your search ends here. Specializing in Bourbon Whiskey Barrel designs for years, our craftsmanship speaks volumes. With thousands of global sales and exceptional service, Hiawatha WoodWorks fulfills your whiskey barrel decor needs. Each item is meticulously handmade in the USA. Desire customization? Click below, and we’ll oblige.

Embrace whiskey time with our exquisitely crafted Whiskey Barrel Wall Clock. Fashioned from authentic aged bourbon barrels, this sizable rustic timepiece boasts unparalleled quality and meticulous attention to detail. A striking addition to any living space, kitchen, or home bar, signaling a true aficionado’s touch.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We utilize authentic bourbon barrel heads in crafting our clocks. Due to their aged and reclaimed nature, expect unique imperfections.

Each barrel head varies; natural discoloration from whiskey sugars may tint the wood slightly, with distinct grain appearances. Minor stave separation is possible but inconsequential. Our meticulous assembly includes a 1/2” backer, staples, and countersunk screws to maintain integrity. Clock mechanisms are pre-installed, with simple hand assembly required to prevent damage during shipping.

If issues arise, promptly notify us for replacements. Hang securely using a long screw to engage the wire hanger. Use only AA batteries for operation. Ensure proper installation of the wall fastener.