“Hero” Sloped Butcher Block
Small: 15” x 20” – Hard Maple, Black Cherry, or Black Walnut
Medium: Black Cherry or Black Walnut
Large: 18” x 24” – Hard Maple, Black Cherry, or Black Walnut
Extra Large: 20″ x 30″ – Hard Maple

The “Hero” Sloped Block by Hiawatha Woodworks is a uniquely designed board that tapers away from the user and collects fluids at the opposite end of the board. This design eliminates the mess and hassle of having a traditional style board where the juice troughs could overflow and become a kitchen disaster. This design allows for bigger kitchen tasks to be completed without worrying about liquid messes, and allows for larger cooked or non-cooked items to be prepared or served. 2 sizes of boards are available both in Hard Maple and Shagbark Hickory. These wood choices are specific to their wood density and are trusted wood types in the food service industry.

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  • Extra-deep sloped design allows juices to flow away from the user but remains gradual enough to not affect food prep or kitchen tasks
  • Slotted finger holds on both ends of the board for easy carrying
  • Anti-slip rubber feet on the bottom of the board to avoid movement during use
  • 2” deep outer rim around the board to avoid any mess on the counter or work surface
  • The board can be reversed on its opposing side to create another work surface for food prep and cutting
  • These boards have a special Hiawatha Woodworks blend of vitamin E, carnauba wax, beeswax, and walnut oil to help repel moisture, reduce staining, keep the board water resistant
  • Extremely easy cleanup, just by tilting the board juices or liquid can be easily channeled into a sink or container, then simply rinse off with water, reapply oil and you’re ready to go
  • All Hiawatha Woodworks boards are ready for use out of the box