Bowl Candles (130z)
 9”‐10” L x 6”‐7” W x  2”‐ 3” H
Approximate burn time: 45 hours

Each candle is filled with 100% dye-free Wisconsin-grown soy wax and cotton wicks. We do NOT use any blends including paraffin, dyes, phthalates, scent enhancers, or UV inhibitors. Each candle is shrink-wrapped to protect it from shipping and dust until ready to burn. When the candle is gone the wax will break down easily, just wipe clean with warm water and decorate as you please.

Hand Carved Dough Bowls are perfect for any decor style. These candles are strongly scented and made to fill a room with scent without ever lighting. Since these are hand-carved, no two bowls are alike in appearance creating a truly unique product each and every time!! Each Hiawatha Candle is uniquely yours.  Burn instructions are on the bottom of the candles swell.

Made from Spanish Oak, Holly, and Basswood. Wooden dough bowls, sizes, and shapes may vary. The weight of candle wax stays consistent to ensure the same burn time.

Scent: Bourbon Apple Smash
Notes: Sweet Juicy Apple, subtle hints of fresh maple, Rich vibrant bourbon

Scent: Tall Whiskey and A Coffee Please 
Notes: Strong Coffee with equally strong whiskey to start your day proper, or set the mood for a well needed drink of either

Scent: Johnny Lumberjack 
Notes: Warming blend of bergamot, Mahogany and a hint of musk to transport you to the Wisconsin Northwoods where it’s fall year round

Scent: Warm Fireside Pear
Notes: Big juicy pear and fresh leafy greens dusted with the right amount of sugared cinnamon spices

Scent: Blissful Pumpkin Blueberry
Notes: A delightful blend of freshly picked tart Midwestern Blueberries, Farm Fresh pumpkins with a secret spice blend

Scent: Warm Caramel & Apple Cider
Notes: Sweet Kindercrisp apple, warm caramel, cinnamon and clove with a smooth vanilla base

Scent: Handsome Mahogany and Teakwood
Notes: Fine wood fragrances of Mahogany and Teakwood married with Hints of clean lavender and the rosy nuances of geranium

Scents: Spruce it up, Babe
Notes: Cinnamon, Big Cypress, Fresh Moss, Spruce, pine, red cedar, harvest fruits and breezy florals

Scent: Beachfront Feels 
Notes: Captures the calming scent of the sea and fresh line dried laundry

Scent: Flannel Jack Johnny
Notes: Tingling Bergamot, little spice with everything nice to make you believe Fall is here year round, add in some subtle Midwestern sweetness

Scent: Peach Merengue Amor
Notes: Midwest White peach, add in some apricot and a little nectarine that gives this the perfect marriage of sweet to mix with the vanilla undertone

Scent: BlackBerry and Bourbon Delight 
Notes: A dark and sweet fragrance of juicy blackberry and aged bourbon