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  • Whiskey Barrel Bar

    Whiskey Barrel Bar **LOCAL PICKUP ONLY**
    Authentic whiskey barrel cabinets crafted from genuine used barrels, recently emptied from brands like Jack Daniels, Buffalo Trace, and Jim Beam. Customize your cabinet by engraving your preferred logo onto the top for an additional fee. Our beverage cabinets boast top and lower lighting, adjustable across three brightness levels, seamlessly installed to conceal wiring. The middle shelf is securely positioned, and a standard 120 outlet is required for operation. Sealed with polyurethane inside and out to guard against spills, these cabinets feature 2” rubber casters for effortless mobility. Securely fastened with screws and reinforced middle banding, our cabinets are built to last.
  • Whiskey Barrel Clock 21" Diameter Little Assembly Required, Battery Included
    If you seek finely handcrafted artisan furniture and home decor, your search ends here. Specializing in Bourbon Whiskey Barrel designs for years, our craftsmanship speaks volumes. With thousands of global sales and exceptional service, Hiawatha WoodWorks fulfills your whiskey barrel decor needs. Each item is meticulously handmade in the USA. Desire customization? Click below, and we'll oblige. Embrace whiskey time with our exquisitely crafted Whiskey Barrel Wall Clock. Fashioned from authentic aged bourbon barrels, this sizable rustic timepiece boasts unparalleled quality and meticulous attention to detail. A striking addition to any living space, kitchen, or home bar, signaling a true aficionado's touch. IMPORTANT NOTE: We utilize authentic bourbon barrel heads in crafting our clocks. Due to their aged and reclaimed nature, expect unique imperfections. Each barrel head varies; natural discoloration from whiskey sugars may tint the wood slightly, with distinct grain appearances. Minor stave separation is possible but inconsequential. Our meticulous assembly includes a 1/2” backer, staples, and countersunk screws to maintain integrity. Clock mechanisms are pre-installed, with simple hand assembly required to prevent damage during shipping. If issues arise, promptly notify us for replacements. Hang securely using a long screw to engage the wire hanger. Use only AA batteries for operation. Ensure proper installation of the wall fastener.
  • Whiskey Barrel Chess Table

    Whiskey Barrel Chess Top & Table Top: 21" diameter x 2" thickness Table: 21" height
    Complete your game room, man cave, or even living room with our Hiawatha Tennessee Whiskey Barrel Game Table!! Handmade from Jack Daniel's whiskey barrel. We call it mid-century rustic. It used to hold Jack Daniel’s whiskey. Now it can hold the perfect game platform for two. Chess or Checkers anyone? Our natural wood pieces are beautiful and unique. Every piece of wood is different from the next. As such, the Whiskey Barrel Side Table you purchase may not exactly resemble the ones on our website. However, it will be beautifully and uniquely yours. These are actual used whiskey tops, as such they will have a distinct smell of whiskey. Not to be alarmed it’s more pleasant then overpowering. Reclaimed, repurposed and it’s a new way to enjoy your favorite board games! Game Night Reimagined
    • Made from Jack Daniel's whiskey barrel head
    • Game board top measures approximately 21" in diameter
    • Includes board, wooden game pieces(checkers and chess) and a drawstring bag
    • Make it a table with 20” legs or select the tabletop game board
    • For this table version, some assembly required to attach legs, detailed instructions included with mounting hardware
    • 100% made in Menomonee Falls, WI
    • Table is sealed incase of any drink spills and is 100% food safe as well all Hiawatha Products
    • Backer attached to bottom of Barrel head to prevent any warping or splitting
  • Whiskey Barrel Serving Tray 12" x 21" x 1"
    This serving tray, with its genuine leather Hiawatha-engraved handles and rustic appearance, is reclaimed from a used whiskey barrel. In every house, you have that one piece that will draw attention and get people talking. This is it. Repurposed and brought new life with some Midwest charm, this food-safe tray will be your new favorite household addition. It can be engraved with your favorite liquor logo, any custom text, or kept original with the barrel markings still left on. Keep it for decoration or use it for your next party. Either way, you’ll love your new Hiawatha Woodworks Addition. These trays are made to order. Please allow 2 weeks for completion of this item. Care: These trays are for strict SERVING only, these are not cutting boards. All trays are treated with a food-safe finish. These trays should be just wiped clean, never submerged underwater. *Disclaimer: These serving trays will have whiskey and bourbon still saturated in the wood itself as these are actually used and charred barrel heads. Over time the enhancing or inviting smell of a freshly poured drink will diminish.
  • Whiskey Barrel Side Table 21" Diameter
    Complete your living space with the Whiskey Barrel Side Table, handcrafted from an actual used whiskey barrel. Some call it rustic but we added some Midwestern Charm as well. It used to hold whiskey but now it can hold whatever you want to warm up your space. Our natural wood pieces are beautiful and unique. Every piece of wood is different from the next. As such, the Whiskey Barrel Side Table you purchase may not exactly resemble the ones on our website. However, it will be beautifully and uniquely yours.
    • Made from used whiskey or bourbon barrel
    • Tabletop measures approximately 21" in diameter & 1” thick
    • 19” legs making it 20” tall
    • Some assembly required - comes with legs
    • Can be customized with your last name or favorite liquor logo
  • Whiskey Barrel Lazy Susan 21" x 1"
    The barrel heads used to craft our one-of-a-kind lazy susans came to our workshop straight from the distillery, where they recently finished aging one of your favorite spirits.  These add an authentic piece of the Kentucky Bourbon Belt to your family’s table, and are a must for any whiskey lover. Like all Hiawatha products, it comes out of the box food-safe and ready to use without any assembly or installation needed.
    • Food-safe! We use all food-safe products on all our wooden items including this one!
    • Distillery-used bourbon barrel head has char underneath and batch markings on the top.
    • Custom-made wood backing board holds it all together
    • 1000lb rated steel ball-bearing turntable means your lazy susan spins smoothly, even when holding heavy dishes, bottles, or tools
    • 21-22″ diameter means it’s functional on any size table, countertop, or island
    • Perfect for your bar, dining room, kitchen, coffee table, craft room, or workshop
    • Bonus…Free smells! Each barrel head lazy Susan will emit warming aromas into any room or space of whiskey or bourbon as these were previously used in aging one of your favorite brands


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